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How Good Design Helps Marketing Campaigns

I understand the importance of design in business both online and offline. Appealing to the customer is important for drawing in new leads and retaining old customers, as building a strong client-business relationship is essential for structuring a healthy business.

MarketingIt is a frequently posed question to me and to other blogs about how design is valuable to businesses. To answer this question simply, designers have a very specific role in a company, which is to translate and convey a business’ message to customers in graphical form. The most experienced design firms or freelance designers can help companies establish strong connections with potential customers, and I believe this is highly important. Customers remember imagery even better than slogans. Businesses who utilize powerful, eye-catching designs will have more success in their marketing campaigns then businesses with ineffective design. Graphic design has always been a monumental part of gaining new leads and customers, but it is more important than ever with the new landscape of the Internet. It has changed the face of business, and so companies must adapt and compete.

How Important is Web Designing for Successful Marketing

Web designIf you are the owner of a business that have been established in recent times, you are probably aware of the fact that it is extremely important to have an online existence of that business. In case you still do not have an online presence of your business, you are most definitely losing out on a lot of profit. This is the age of cyber speed. Everybody is just too busy to notice what is going around them, let alone keep some information about something that might potentially be of much benefit to them. Even if they do know about your products and services, nobody has enough time to just go down to your place and gather more information about it. They would rather prefer to sit at their home or office, surf the internet and look for what they can find about your business. So, if you do not have a website, you can be losing out on a large number of prospective customers.

In this context the Dallas marketing agencies have been emphasizing the need for every business to have a website for quite a long time now. The ad agencies Dallas have pointed out that putting up billboards and hoardings and printing advertisements in magazines and newspapers cannot serve the purpose fully anymore. Honestly speaking, not very many people pay much attention to billboards and hoardings when they are driving up the expressway or walking down the pavement. They would rather focus on the traffic and ensure their safety. And in this increasingly fast world of modern times, who has the time to flip all the pages of a magazine or a newspaper? And even if they do, how can you be sure that they are actually going to buy your products or avail your services?

However, in the case of a website that has been superbly designed by one of the Dallas web design companies, you can measure the traffic. And more traffic obviously means better sales and greater ROI. Now, the importance of a good web design in order to make a business successful cannot be stressed enough. Expert from Dallas marketing agencies opine that it is important to understand the target audience first, when you are hoping to get the design right. When you are looking to hire the services of a reputed Dallas web design company, Bottle Rocket is one of the best choice.

Getting the design correct is the first step towards communicating successfully with your possible clients. It is the first impression of your company that people get and so, you need to make sure it conveys the exact message, style and quality that you envision. The website has to have a chic, stylish design and must not be jumbled up with too much information. It might make the pages look clumsy and make it difficult for the visitors to navigate through them all. Above all, the focus must be on what you have to offer to the public and not only on the history or the team that the company boasts of.

Gain Traffic to your website through Internet Marketing and SEO

In today’s world of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, most companies don’t have the expertise to get their website ranked at the top of the search engines. One challenge that web designers face is on-site search engine optimization. Your website must have relevant, current and up- to- date content that gives potential clients or consumers who come to your site the knowledge that they are looking for. You want to really catch the potential clients eye and offer a “call to action” to entice them to stay on your website longer.

YouTube Optimization:

One of the biggest ways to get your website ranked on the search engines is by having video. YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine behind Google which bought out YouTube. The most important part of the video is using the proper keywords in the descriptions and the tags. The more keywords you use, the better. You only want your video to be no longer than a minute and a half.

SEO Internet MarketingMost people will watch the first 30 seconds of a video before they decide to finish watching it or not. It is essential that your beginning statement really grabs the attention of your audience. If you say the title of your video in your recording or use the keywords mentioned in the description of your video, you will have a higher percentage of your video being placed at the top of the search engines. Google uses what is referred to as “spiders” to crawl different websites for proper keywords, content, article writing, press releases, etc. and chooses the best ones to appear at the top of their search engine. Some internet marketing service, provides the keywords for you after analyzing your businesses website thoroughly. They write and distribute the articles, press releases, blog posts and distribute them to article submission sites. Some also provides video production and editing services for you from our own green shot studio.

Must use the right kinds of SEO techniques

With that being said, there is no guarantee of a 1st page search engine listing, only Google knows what they are looking for and what techniques they use for ranking. When optimizing your site, you want to highlight keywords on-site throughout your website. Google recognizes these keywords, resulting in traffic for your website faster.

The best and most efficient way to create traffic to your website is by using what is called ”White-Hat” SEO”. This simply means the usage of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies. An example of this would is a web site that is SEO optimized, yet focused on relevancy and organic ranking is considered to be White Hat SEO practices. Other examples include using keywords and keyword analysis, back-linking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing content for human readers.

You don’t want to use what is called ”Black-Hat SEO”. Studies have shown that using these techniques often penalize your search engine ranking. Black-Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience.